Episode 076: The Growth of Hip-Hop, Basketball & American Football in Ireland featuring Eddie McMahon

During a recent trip home to Ireland, Jon had the chance to catch up with a longtime friend, Eddie McMahon. The guys grew up together in Navan, Ireland and look back on how the music they listened to and the sports they played have grown into more than they ever thought possible. Eddie and Jon also discuss how Eddie dealt with his transition from Queens, New York to going to high school in Ireland, what it was like hosting a hip-hop pirate radio show in the 90’s in Ireland and how Eddie manages the pillars of health.

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Episode 075: StrongFirst Recap & The Movement Lab

After spending the weekend assisting at StrongFirst Level One in Atlanta, Jon and Alex discuss their biggest take aways after being around other StrongFirst professionals. They also chat about The Movement Lab, a gym they recently opened and co-own together. They talk about the challenges of opening a gym and why they believe what they are doing is different to what is currently around.

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Article/Study: Strength Training & Increased Life Expectancy

Episode 074: The Story of a Scholarship Athlete featuring Josh Choice

Josh Choice is a soccer player with the New South West Queensland Thunder in Australia. In this episode Josh recounts what it took in order to gain a soccer scholarship to Winthrop University out of high school and the challenges that he faced as a student athlete as well as his advice for people who may be considering pursuing a scholarship in any sport.

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New South West Queensland Thunder Live Stream:

Episode 073: Kinstretch, StrongFirst & Internships featuring Matt Crush

Matt Crush is a strength and performance coach at Ethos Fitness and Performance in Boston. Matt talks about what initially inspired him to pursue being a strength coach, his time training the American Olympic rugby team and training for the StrongFirst certification. We also talk in depth about Kinstretch, what it is, how to incorporate it into your program and the benefits of doing so.

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Episode 072: Training Around an Injury & Cultivating a Growth Mindset featuring Jay Weedall

Jay Weedall is a strength coach and co-owner of Ethos Fitness and Performance in Boston. In this episode Jay discusses how he trained after sustaining an injury and the physical and mental challenges that come along with being down to three working limbs.

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Episode 071: Training the Thorax: Why & How featuring Chris Mullins

Chris Mullins is an integrative strength and performance coach based in Boston. In this episode Chris details where your thorax is located, why you need to train it and how to do so with exercise suggestions. Video links for exercises posted below and check out Jon Carroll’s Instagram for more exercise options from this episode. Credit to the Postural Restoration Institute and whose content and teachings inspired these exercises.

Chris Mullins in instagram: @coachchrismullins

Training the Thorax Exercise Options


Alternating heel digs w/reach: https://vimeo.com/312293046

Floor-seated alternating pull down: https://vimeo.com/310446217

Long-seated 1-arm rotational row: https://vimeo.com/297611021


Walking lunge w/reach toward instep: https://vimeo.com/270151920

Walking lunge w/ overhead reach: https://vimeo.com/187555744

Episode 070: How to Test & Track Your Conditioning

What is the best way to go about testing your conditioning? If you are detrained how do you go about improving your conditioning? Eirinn and Jon discuss different options when it comes to testing, improving and tracking your conditioning. Topics discussed include:

  • Coopers Test
  • Modified coopers test
  • Dynamic energy control
  • Resting heart rate
  • Heart rate recovery
  • Heart rate variability
  • Outcome and process conditioning goals
  • The role of conditioning for a strength/power athlete
  • Conditioning for health

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Episode 069: Creating Buy In & The Future of Fitness featuring Brendon Rearick

Brendon Rearick is a strength and performance coach living in San Francisco. He is co-owner of Movement as Medicine and in this episode Brendon discusses how he goes about creating buy in with new trainees and what he thinks the future holds for the fitness industry.

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Episode 068: 5 Strategies to Improve Cognitive Health & Decoding Sport Specific Training featuring Kevin Carr

Kevin Carr is a strength and performance coach at Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning and Movement as Medicine in Boston. Kevin discusses how to go about improving cognitive health from a training and life perspective and the benefits of “training your brain”. We also go about figuring out what people mean by sport specific training and what that really means for the athlete and the strength coach.

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