Favorite Football Boots of all time?

Adidas Predator Family

By Jonathan Carroll

What’s your favorite football boot? Let’s face it, everyone who has played football, or soccer if you’re American, has a favorite make of brand of boot they like to wear.

My love affair with Adidas started when I was in primary school in Ireland. A good friend of mine, John Smith came up to me at a Pioneer meeting, all excited about these boots. Pioneers basically promote abstinence from alcohol and its quite funny looking back now as neither John or myself would ever come close to qualifying for that group now!

I bought a pair of Adidas Predator Touch before going into Colaiste Ide in 1999 and I never looked back. The fit, the three stripes, the tongue, I loved those boots! Not to mention they had the predator “technology” to help me get extra swerve and power on my shots. Yea right! Craig Johnston must have had the gift of the gab to convince someone about this idea at Adidas HQ. The boots were stylish and everyone wanted them.

Adidas Predator Touch

I would work my way up the ladder of Adidas boots. Next up was the Adidas Predator Precision (pictured below). There’s something unexplainable about having a pair of boots on your feet that you love wearing. It almost feels like it helps you play better. There may be quite a few people who object to that last statement if they ever saw me play!

Adidas Predator Precision

While in college at Thomas University I favored the Predator Mania and Predator X. My midfield partner from Colaiste Ide, Karl McCabe had a long term relationship with the Adidas Predator Accelerator.

Adidas Predator Accelerator

The Mania was probably the last of the originals and Adidas went off on a tangent with the lightweight boots that looked crap. There’s no other description for it really, the Lethal Zones looked awful. The scouring of Ebay for Predators commenced and I found a pair of Mania’s for sale for 250 Euro’s from some fella in Cork. I still have them today. Only wearing them now and again.

TU Days in Adidas

Adidas brought out a remake of some earlier editions this year. Most were bought up early and are probably on Ebay already for three times their original price.

Adidas Predator Remake 2014

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