The Week in Review……

There are some weeks that there are so many books, articles, videos, sporting events and or possibly anything else that catch my eye. This is simply a weekly synopsis of what I came across.

1. Joel Jamieson’s “Ultimate MMA Conditioning”

A must read for all strength and conditioning coaches. Joel breaks down how he gets his fighters in prime condition for their next fight. A great insight into the tailored approach of conditioning he uses. He also dispels the idea that aerobic conditioning is of no use to anyone except long distance runners. You can purchase “Ultimate MMA Conditioning” here.

2. The Noisey documentary on Atlanta’s rap scene.

I love documentaries in general and I have a general affinity for rap so this one appeals a lot to me. Here is the first in a 10 part series from Noisey, the music associate of Vice.

2. Brendan Rodgers & Liverpool FC

Rodgers recalled Jordan Ibe (below) and is currently in talks to sign Divock Origi early from Lille. This seems like the move of a desperate man. Not to say the players wouldn’t contribute anything, they are both young exciting prospects and will lend a hand but I feel more like John Henry doesn’t trust Rodgers with any more spending money. There will be no new signings in January as Henry and Fenway Sports Group have seen that last summers signings have not settled well. Add to that the fact Rodgers throws Mario Ballotelli under the bus as a scapegoat at every chance he gets. The Italian probably wasn’t his first choice signing but the manager hasn’t exactly backed Balotelli publicly.


3. “Stick Up Kid”

Another documentary that I came across called “Stick Up Kid” chronicled the life after prison of Alonza Thomas. Alonza ran away from home as a teenager, got mixed up with some bad people, attempted an armed robbery and went to jail a juvenile, but was tried as an adult. It’s a shocking insight into the criminal justice system and the huge effect the prison system has on people trying to readjust to “normal life”. The repercussions suffered as a result of being exposed to an adult jail system are vast. Definitely worth a look.

4. A California high school basketball coach was suspended for 2 games following his teams 161-2 win.

While I agree it’s the oppositions job to stop you from scoring, at 100-2, did they need to score another 61? Surely possessing the ball and running out the clock would have sufficed. These are life lessons to be learned for these players and I feel this was a missed opportunity on behalf of the winning coach.

Full article below:

5. This week I was reminded of a quote that I have seen and heard many times and continues to be one that is valid every day.

“The measure of a man’s character is not determined by how he handles his wins, but how he handles his failures.”

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