The Week in Review

This week’s review includes a book giveaway, an article on common sense in training Gaelic football players, an all-inclusive nutrition guide, how to remedy tight hamstrings and the magic of the FA Cup!

1. “Every Day is Game Day” by Mark Verstegen

I started reading this book recently and even early on I am quite impressed. It takes a different approach in how to make positive changes to your daily routine. It’s not just a workout, it’s a compete approach.

Mindset (Prepare for it)

Nutrition (Fuel for it)

Movement (Train for it)

Recover (Rest for it)

This is a thoroughly enjoyable read, you learn a lot and can implement strategies outlined in the book. I highly recommend giving it a read if you haven’t already. Seeing as my birthday is coming up on Tuesday I want to give away a copy of the book. Doesn’t really make sense as I should be the one receiving the present right????! To qualify to enter just leave your twitter handle, e-mail address etc in the comments section of this article. A winner will be announced by lunch time Wednesday.

2. Training Gaelic Football players

In his article in Gaelic Life”Make pre-season an enjoyable experience”, Steven Poacher mentions how 99% of gaelic players dread pre-season as there is usually some sort of running ’til you puke conditioning implemented. The mentality needs to be adjusted and aim to build players up slowly in relation to their workload, not break them the first week. Poacher makes some great suggestions as to how coaches should approach pre-season a little different. I’m really looking forward to tracking the improvements in strength and conditioning of the Wolfe Tones players as we begin our pre-season next Tuesday, February 3rd.

3. 24 Diagrams to help you Eat Healthier by Carolyn Kylstra

I first saw this retweeted by Dan Gabelman and its a fantastic quick guide to everything that food and nutrition encompasses. It includes 25 three ingredient smoothie recipes, the many other alias’ for sugar on packaging and even a guide to marinating all the different types of meat! Not sure you’ll find a better guide than this.

4. Fast Food Affects Your Brain by Roberto Ferdman

Fast food affects children’s brains in particular during their most important phase of brain development. We all know fast food isn’t a great option but the lasting affects could be much worse than we ever expected.

5. A Remedy for Tight Hamstrings?

Christian Leg Lowers
Leg Lowers with a band

In this Men’s Health article by Kelsey Cannon, James Cerbie discusses how to approach tight hamstrings without stretching. 

6. The Magic of the FA Cup

Bradford celebrate at the Bridge

Growing up the FA Cup was a magical competition. The top teams went to these smaller grounds which were packed with people in the hope the smaller less fancied team would somehow defeat the odds and beat a team from the top tier of English football. I remember being heartbroken when my beloved Liverpool were knocked out by lowly Bolton at the time.Just this past weekend, Chelsea were the victims of an upset at the hands of Bradford City. The scenes at Anfield back in 1993 and even more so at Stamford Bridge yesterday were a joy to behold to the neutral viewer. A packed away end, people losing their mind. Gotta love it!

Here are the highlights from that Liverpool v Bolton game.

Chelsea 2-4 Bradford City

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