The Week in Review

A few of the main things that caught my eye last week include a letter from Josh Gordon, sleep and how it affects sport performance, “Undefeated”, Marshawn Lynch and the barrage of racial abuse Richard Sherman receives for being an outspoken black athlete.

1. The Josh Gordon Letter

If you’re unfamiliar with Josh Gordon then you don’t watch ESPN. That’s probably a positive for you. Gordon has indeed messed up in the past. Quite a lot. However, his rebuttal to his critics was a thing of beauty. Touché Mr Gordon! Read the letter in full here.

Josh Gordon

2. Sleep & Sports Perfromance

3. “Undefeated”

Bill Courtney turns around a struggling high school football program in Memphis. The character building that he cultivates in the young men on his team through the course of their season is a great example to coaches everywhere.


4. Marshawn Lynch

The entire buildup to last nights Super Bowl never failed to mention how Marshawn Lynch doesn’t talk in his interviews. He is required by the NFL to talk to the media or else be fined. So he shows up and says as little as possible. Richard Sherman gave the analogy that if Lynch does not want to or feel comfortable doing so then why should he have to? That is like asking a sports reporter to do the job of a 300lb lineman. Key & Peele took this whole series of events and put a comedic twist on it. “Biscuits & Gravy”!

  5. Richard Sherman & The Abuse

Maybe the NFL could better spend their time changing attitudes rather than investigating the PSI in footballs. Then again, you can’t fix stupid!

Just head to @YesYoureRacist on twitter and you’ll see some of the idiots that make up American society.

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