The Week in Review


A few things worth mentioning this week include Elsbeth Vaino on the Half Kneeling Position, football supporters in Germany, Lance Armstrong and a quote for all coaches and players from Chris Doyle.

1. Coaching the Half Kneeling Position

Elsbeth Vaino from Custom Strength goes through a guide to the half kneeling position in this video series.

2. Passion & Football

European football means a lot to every teams supporters. These teams represent towns and cities across Europe. They are not a franchise like NFL teams. There is real passion there and when things go wrong the supporters voice their opinion. The scenes from Germany after Borussia Dortmund lost at home while being in a very poor position in the league was met by the following reaction from their fans.

3. Lance Armstrong

Journalist Paul Kimmage discusses Lance Armstrong and the decisions made by the former Tour De France winner.

 4. A message for coaches and players From Coach Chris Doyle    

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