The Week in Review


Some of the best tweets I came across this week include one from Anthony Donskov and the problem with too much coffee, Kevin Neeld on managing high school athletes in the weight room, Christoph Koble on creating year round training plans and a post on sectarian chanting in Scotland by Daniel Taylor of the Guardian.

1. Coffee Consumption

Some fantastic insight from Anthony Donskov on the problems with consuming too much coffee. Ever since I went through the 30 day reset, my coffee consumption has been limited to one medium cup per day before noon. I have felt more energetic by functioning within this limit. I can definitely relate to the symptoms mentioned by Anthony in his article. “Coffee does not give us energy. Coffee = Stress”. Apart from an early morning pick me up, too much caffeine can have detrimental effects on your body.

2. “I don’t even want to be here”. Kevin Neeld’s article on managing high school athletes in the weight room is fantastic and offers an approach that benefits both athlete and coach.

3. Year Round Peak Performance 

Tim Morrill posted an article from Christoph Koble on planning for long term peak athletic performance. A great read that is split into two parts.

4. Sectarian Chanting at Scottish Soccer games A hot topic in the English media right now is the vile chants used by Glasgow Rangers supporters. I haven’t been the biggest supporter of the author Daniel Taylor due to his Manchester United allegiances but he sums up this debate from every angle imaginable. Great writing.

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