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Maniac 2000

If you didn’t hear already, Mark McCabe’s “Maniac 2000” was re-released last week. Some great memories revived with that song, and even better is the fact it has been added to the playlist for Wolfe Tones team training on Tuesday and Thursday nights. You’re welcome lads!!

This weeks “Tweets in Review” consist of solid and truthful advice from Gary Vaynerchuk on entrepreneurship. If you’re not following him on twitter, you should be (@garyvee). Some great content from Yann Le Meur, a French coach dropping knowledge bombs daily. There’s a fantastic interview by Jen Sinkler with Coach Dos based on conditioning techniques, nutrition advice from Eirinn Dougherty and last of all there’s an update from the Wolfe Tones as we prepare for the upcoming gaelic football season in May.

1. Gary Vee speaks at USC

2. Yann Le Meur

3. Jen Sinkler & Coach Dos talk Conditioning

4. Eat Well, Live Well – March 2015

5. Wolfe Tones Preparation

With just over seven weeks until the team can finally get on a grass field preparation is going well. Movement patterns have improved, hinge technique is coming along nicely and they are relishing the challenge. With athletes like these you don’t have to coach when it comes to conditioning. Competitiveness is engrained in them. Getting them not to push too hard may be the biggest challenge right now.

Ladder work for the Tones
Ladder work for the Tones

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