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vet bills meme

So on Saturday my two dogs got home from the vet with a bill that was appropriate if they had just reattached all four limbs, done a heart transplant and also cured them of cancer. To say it was a bit much for a rabies shot and some other rather normal practices is an understatement! I’m still trying to recover from the shock!

This week I have put together a list of tweets that include how to execute the Farmers Carry from Brijesh Patel, the importance of the Toe Touch from the FMS, power development from Keir Denham-Flatt, Pako Ayesteran on why he had to leave Liverpool FC back in 2007 and a great quote from Tim Grover.

1. The Farmer Carry

2. The Toe Touch

3. Power Development

4. Pako & Liverpool FC

5. Tim Grover Knowledge Bomb

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