5 Food Rules to Follow



In order to stay on top of your goals, whatever they may be, nutrition plays a key role. When it comes to food, we all need guidelines and here are 5 practical rules to embrace right now.

Everybody says they “eat well” and that they don’t need help in that area but it’s usually quite the opposite. Eating habits are generally found to be lacking and there is a lack of accountability for everyone when it comes to tracking our food intake. A belief exists that “If I just increase my workout frequency or activity level I’ll be okay”. That is simply not the case.


It’s fair to say I love food. Just ask my girlfriend. I am very similar to Joey from “Friends” in that respect as seen below.


With that in mind, I need to have a few standing rules for nutrition.

1. Plan a Week of Meals

This is basically accomplishing two objectives with one effort. Making a meals plan for the week, if only for dinner, means you know what you need to buy at the grocery store for the week ahead. No more pointless wandering around Whole Foods. Secondly, if you make more than what you will eat for dinner that night, you can have the rest as lunch the next day. You’re welcome!

Weeks Meals

2. Portion Control

Seeing as food is delicious in every way, this is tough. Set a framework for Monday through Friday where you will  consume moderate portions at dinner time. Saturday and Sunday you can have a larger serving if need be. Over time you will see that you don’t need to take in larger quantities and you will also save money at the grocery store.

3. Avoid Grains, Gluten, Yeast, Bakeries, Bakers, the smell of bread……..

If your goal is weight loss, give grains a swerve. With literature like “Wheat Belly” proving that the wheat grain has been modified over time to program us to want more, try going without bread for 3 months and see if you lose weight. That bagel you have in the morning, find a replacement. If you’re pushed for time, make a smoothie. You may not show up as celiac on a blood test but it is possible to have Irritable Bowl Syndrome due to wheat products.

Chocolate Protein Shake:

Coconut Milk


Protein Powder

Blend it all together and off you go. If you make nutrition a priority, a little time spent making up something more substantial like eggs, sweet potato fries and rice will also work.

A personal favorite
A personal favorite

4. Eliminate Sugar

Sugar is addictive. I am a recovering addict. When I eat it I am swayed to search out sweeter foods. It’s not a coincidence. Sugar will make you fat and it is being consumed in greater quantities by Americans than ever before. Closely examine the foods you take in daily, look for sugar content, hidden sugars (see below) and if that food is high in sugar try to replace with a better option. If you do try and go without sugar, you’ll experience headaches and withdrawal symptoms around day four or five. Get through this and you can beat the cravings.

Sugar has many aliases
Sugar has many aliases

5. Drink More Water

Water is crucial for many things like proper cognitive function, aiding in digestion, flushing toxins from the body, lubricating your joints and regulating body temperature. Not to mention it keeps you fuller longer. Many other drinks are loaded with sugar that cause us to crave other sweet options. Not a good path to get on when you want to look your best.


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