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I am not ashamed to admit that I am addicted to “Friday Night Lights”. Its a show you are unsure whether you should admit to watching unless someone else brings it up. I was adventurous enough to ask a client of mine this past week whether she watched the show. Thankfully she did. It’s just so good. Is it really? Probably not but I’m addicted to it. Are you sure there is no more episodes……….seriously???

In this weeks installment we look at a good breathing article by Dr. Mercola, is look at barefoot training by Ryan Brown, Kevin Carr on the strength coach podcast, the pyramid of strength by Chad Smith. lastly, a cool insight into the Clemson University Football rehab program featuring Adam Choice. Now in the words of coach Eric Taylor………..


1. Breathing

2. Is Barefoot Training For you?

3. Kevin Carr on the Strength Coach Podcast

4. The Strength Pyramid

5. Clemson Football

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