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Breathing has made huge waves in strength and conditioning in a relatively short space of time. Trying to trace it back to the pioneers of breathing correctly, I came across an unlikely hero. One Robbie Fowler. Those things on his nose actually had a function. Do they work to make breathing more efficient through the nostrils? I think everyone has an opinion on that but he was making an attempt to breathe right back in the nineties. (Yes I did but those breathing strips and pretend I was Fowler playing football in my back yard). This weeks top tweets include a look at…….stress and its effect on the body by Chris Kresser, developing training philosophy by Dave Tate and coaching cues, muscle fatigue among other things from Israel Halperin and some “Sunday Sense from Brendon Rearick and Stanford Football.

1. Stress

2. Develop a Training Philosophy

3. Muscle Fatigue, Coaching Cues…….

4. Some “Sunday Sense”

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