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Jiro Dreams of sushi

This past weekend I was able to take in “Jiro Dreams of Sushi” on Netflix. Its a fascinating story of dedication to his chosen craft and how Jiro has attained his elite status as a 3 star Michelin restaurant. There are 5 qualities that Jiro possesses that are discussed by a restaurant critique during the documentary. I believe everyone could apply these five points to their work routine or daily life and see significant improvement.

1. Each day work to beat what you’ve done before

2. Intentionally develop skills

3. Cleanliness

4. Leader versus Collaborator

5. Passion.

For an in depth description of each point check out this link.

In this weeks review we look at periodization by Mike Reinold, Eric Cressey on sleep, program design from Jordan Syatt and Steven Gerrard gets his name sung by the Kop during his farewell speech. A truly fantastic player for Liverpool over the span of seventeen years. The moment from 3.14 on in the video will make the hairs stand up on your arm.

1. Periodization

2. Sleep Quality

3. Program Design

4. Steven Gerrard

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