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JRE Nick Curson

In order to try and not think about how Liverpool were dismantled by Stoke City today, yes, Stoke, I’ve put together a few of the best tweets I came across this week.Ā 

1. Nick Curson on the Joe Rogan Podcast

Joe Rogan had UFC strength and conditioning coach Nick Curson on his podcast recently. Carson’s methods are a little different to the traditional strength coach approach and Rogan does a good job asking the necessary questions as to why Curson takes a different approach. Things like front squats and swings are not incorporated by Curson as he believes “they teach the athlete to sit on his heels”. An interesting approach to say the least and worth a listen.

2. A Ted Talk on “slowing down”

3. Stanford Business on Appealing to your audience

4. Eric Cressey on staying strong while losing fat

5. Soccer games that defined my youth

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