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Our most precious resource is time. Just like Bradley Cooper found out in “Limitless”, it is non-replenishable and we always wish we had more as we continually need to be more productive. In order to get the most out your available time, it may be necessary to use a cognitive enhancer, productivity supplement or whatever else you want to call it. Here are my top three go to supplements.

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1. Caffeine

Just because its considered “legal” by the government doesn’t mean that caffeine isn’t a drug. US society as a whole are not getting enough sleep and caffeine is consumed daily with the sole purpose of powering sleep deprived people through another day. Caffeine helps people beat fatigue to a certain extent but more importantly helps improve your level of productivity. Personally it gives me a concentrated energy drive for up to four hours afterwards. One rule of thumb is not to consume after 2pm so as not to negatively impact sleep patterns.

Alpha Brain

2. Alpha Brain

Produced by supplement company Onnit, Alpha Brain is described as a “Complete Balanced Nootropic”.

Alpha BRAIN® is a complete, balanced nootropic created from scientifically tested Earth grown ingredients to specifically activate vital areas of neurotransmission. This is a nutrient combination for your brain that in a pilot study indicated improvements in verbal memory and executive function, helping you to achieve greater focus, memory, and mental clarity.

Alpha Brain has had a positive impact every time I’ve used it. There is a definite improvement in mental clarity and cognitive function for me. Whenever I want to study for a prolonged period of time or write an article it has been quite useful to have on hand.


3. Neuro 1

Neuro 1 is a product of Bill Romanowski’s supplement company, Nutrition 53. As many people know, Romanowski suffered a lot of big hits during his career and then struggled to focus on everyday tasks in his life after football. Neuro 1 is a by product of his desire to feel fully focused and also help others that may have the same goal.

Having used Neuro 1, it definitely gives you a jolt of energy. In one 20 gram serving there is 5g of protein, caffeine equivalent to one cup of coffee and 10 grams of sugar. I wasn’t too impressed with the sugar content as I feel this supplement is trying to cover too many bases instead of just focusing on one thing. Alpha Brain comes in tablet form and Neuro 1 is more like a protein shake. I felt more energized than focused after taking it. The feeling was similar to a pre-workout supplement stimulant.


If you have a sound nutritional plan in place and you are getting the vast majority of your vitamins, minerals, protein, carbs and fats from real food then you will be just fine. If you think you may need an extra boost of mental clarity then perhaps one of the above are for you.

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