10 Thoughts on Liverpool v Manchester United


rodgers v man utd

Here are just a few quick thoughts on Brendan Rodgers’ latest attempt to not lose a game.

  1. Play a left footed player at left back. A righty just doesn’t have the same options, especially not an inexperienced kid the club just bought from Charlton. Albeit, Gomez was one of out best at United today.
  2. Dejan Lovren is NOT  a footballer.
  3. James Milner is not a center mid or a captain.
  4. Leadership disappeared with Steven Gerrard.
  5. Roberto Firmino is not a left back, why play him there?
  6. Danny Ings is not a left winger, why play him there?
  7. 10 men behind the ball against a poor Manchester United team reeks of desperation
  8. What is the plan to win games? Spring to life when we go behind?
  9. Good players look like square pegs being forced into round holes.
  10. Luis Suarez made us dream, not Brendan Rodgers on this evidence. Only Roy Hodgson and now Brendan Rodgers have made me come close to pulling my hair out due to pure frustration. We have no idea what to do as a team. Dumbfounding, as this is a group of professionals.


An over reaction to recent results for Liverpool FC? I don’t think so, given how far our standards have fallen. You must stop the rot as soon as possible. I doubt John Henry will front the money to do so however. They just trusted Rodgers with a war chest which has not visibly improved the side.



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