3 Ways to Survive Standing All Day

An example of a hip shift while standing
An exaggerated hip shift while standing is not a laughing matter

While the vast majority of research out at the moment promotes how sitting can be a huge negative on our body and health, standing for prolonged amounts of time on one side of the body can also take a toll.  Here are 3 Ways to Combat Standing all day for everyone from strength coaches, personal trainers, carpenters and other professionals who may be on their feet all day to make sure you don’t sit in one side of your body all day long.

A parafunctional habit is a pattern that is not ideal for the body and differs from the optimal position our bodies should assume. I first came across parafunctional habits in an article from Greg Robins. This can lead to asymmetries/dysfunctions over time and possible increased risk of injury. Without getting too much into the PRI side of things, let’s see how we can form better daily habits. While standing desks may not be the answer, a few planned stance changes during the day will stop continuous load being placed on one side of the body for a prolonged period of time.

  1. Staggered Stance
A staggered stance
A staggered stance

A staggered stance is a quick and easy way of taking load off one side of the body and distributing it evenly across the hips. This position also makes it difficult for the body to auto-pilot into a huge hip shift.

2. Half Kneeling

Half Kneeling Stance

The half kneeling stance is a great go to position. It unloads the body and allows you to take a break from holding your bodyweight up all day long, which can take a toll if you’re doing it 8+ hours a day continuously. Make sure to switch sides and load each side an even amount of times throughout the day.

3. The Full Squat Position

A common practice on other cultures
A common practice in other cultures

The full squat is an option to evenly distribute weight while also promoting hip mobility. A common practice especially in Asian countries and cultures, not so much in America. After all, that iPhone will not hold itself up!

I like to use a full squat on the Training Room Floor while training clients some times towards the end of the day when my hips are a little less mobile. Below, Eirinn demonstrates the proper position with heels down.

Eirinn in a full squat
Eirinn in a full squat

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