Travel & Holiday Workouts


With the holidays quickly approaching I will take a look at some workouts that you can implement at home or on the road. They require minimum to zero equipment in some cases. As the weather slowly turns towards colder temperatures (fingers crossed on the slowly) it’s important to make sure you are doing some “homework” while not in your regular routine. This may be over the holidays or even if some bad weather lays siege to your hometown.

In the “Design a Better Warm Up” series we went over some options for a warm up.  Here are some sample movement sessions/workouts to incorporate.

Movement Prep:

Mobility Matrix

Wall Push Deadbugs


Bodyweight Circuit

1A. Bodyweight Squats (3×8)

1B. Pushup with Yoga Reset (3×6)

1C. Knees Up w/valslide (3×5 each leg)

Inhale as you bring the knees up and exhale as you push your feet back into the ground. This could also be done on a wooden floor with a towel.


2A. Single Leg Deadlifts (3×8 each leg)

2B. Bear Crawl (3×10 yards)

Think small steps as you move 1 arm and the opposite leg. Limit hip sway.

2C. Split Squats (3×10)

Shown here weighted, they are just as challenging done without weight.

2D. Bodysaw (3×10)

Create a “turtle shell” with your back by curling your pelvis to your chin and firing your glutes and abs. Inhale on the push away and exhale as you pull forward.

Bang for your Buck

The Turkish Get Up is the ultimate all in one. It can be used as a warm up, a strength exercise or even conditioning with the right parameters.

If you’re traveling you may have some kettle bells in your hotel gym or if you’re staying with family, your cousins may happen to have a kettlebell lying around from their trip to Russia last year. In this case you can knock out 10 sets of 10 swings on the minute. 10 swings will usually take 17-20 seconds so you have the remainder of the minute to rest. Done in 10 minutes.

Here’s to getting your workouts in over the holidays!!

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