1 Key Eating Rule Not Just for the Holidays


One of the four books I have on rotation right now is “Eat, Move, Sleep” by Tom Rath. Without getting too deep into the overall story, which I’ll visit later down the road in another post, Rath brings up a simple and effective rule to keep in mind over the holiday period. Its all about “Net Gains”.

If you want to make sure you are staying true to your goals and not going overboard while with family and friends a good habit to introduce is questioning every food choice. This isn’t as asinine as it sounds. It merely means, is the upcoming food choice moving me towards my goal or in simpler terms,

“Will this food be a net gain or net loss if consumed?”

A net loss would be a high sugar, highly processed food product that could possibly derail positive eating habits.

If you do mess up, don’t dwell on it and make your next food choice a net gain.

Thats not to say you can’t treat yourself, of course you can. Just remember, sugary foods will propel you to reach for more. Sugar is as much a drug as anything you may get from a street chemist. Legal or not we crave sugar, its hard to kick the habit, we keep going back for more and we find it hard to stop once we start. Sound like anything else??

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