Free Off-Season Conditioning Plan


I wanted to share a complete conditioning plan, its free to download. It’s about that time of year where collegiate athletes start to get ready for next season. I know as a former collegiate soccer player, the hard work was done in June and July. If I prepared appropriately then my conditioning would be at a level where I could go straight into pre-season training without missing a beat.

Pre-season training can be rough if you sat around all summer. “Primed & Ready” is a conditioning plan for all field sport athletes but especially soccer players. It is a 12 week plan aimed at getting you ready for the more intense work of two a days come August.

I was lucky enough to come across this plan when I was in college and since then I have chopped and changed certain areas based on personal experience.

I hope you apply the methods outlined within the program and reap the rewards.

Here is the download link – Primed and Ready Conditioning Plan

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