The A, B, C, D’S of Nutrition


Depending on what article you read or who you listen to, nutrition can get complicated, quick! We face nutrition dilemmas with every food choice we make. There can be a lot of ups and downs on the journey to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

First of all lets define what is healthy food? In the spirit of keeping this article simple in every aspect lets go with  the following;

“Healthy food helps you feel good and is nutritionally dense”.

When it comes to keeping yourself or clients on track with their food goals, its important to perhaps look at things a little different. I have started to implement a two pronged approach.

A. Look at nutrition in the long term.

Its easy to get caught up and down on yourself for one or two bad food choices. People who get down usually seem to just pack it in and revert to old habits. This fits the “I tried and I can’t do it approach”. No need to go cold turkey. If you make a bad food choice follow it up by getting back on track ASAP with a positive food choice that aligns with your goals.

B.  The A, B, C, D’S of Nutrition

First of all, everyone is different, thats what makes nutrition so complex. Some people can eat 10 cookies and lose weight! Alex Tanskey, I’m looking at you! For the most part limiting or avoiding the following can lead to feeling great about your choices, body composition and how you’re making strides to your goals.

She must really love salads

A – Alcohol 

Aids in fat storage.

B – Bread

Read “Wheat Belly”.

C – Chips aka “Crisps” 

The perfect compliment for a lot of people who watch a lot of TV. The lesson here is don’t watch a lot of TV.

D – Dairy

Dairy rips up my stomach, it may not for you. Avoid if you feel better without.

S – Sugar

Watch “Fed Up” on Netflix.

The toughest for last. Sugar is a potent drug. Oh you don’t believe me? Go without it for 3 days and tell me how you do.

The American public have been exposed to excess sugar content in many foods and now a lot of people are programmed to crave that taste whether they know it or not.

Look to try and ween yourself off foods with a lot of added sugar. You don’t need to totally eliminate it, just lowering your total daily total is HUGE first step.

FYI – Fruit will not make you fat.

The A,B,C,D approach is not the answer for everyone but it is a simple plan.

“A Goal Without a Plan is Just a Wish”



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