Postural Respiration & Ron Bombs

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“Empower Two Diaphragms”

This was the simple but highly effective message from Ron Hruska at the Postural Restoration course at Finish Line Physical Therapy in New York City on the weekend of May sixth and seventh.

This was my first PRI course of the year as I begin the journey to take in all the primary courses in five weeks and try to gain a deeper understanding of the patterns we see on a daily basis.

During the two day course I took enough notes to write a short novel as well as some #ronbombs – direct quotes from Ron, which I posted on twitter and I will also detail here. The following is a stream of note taking with direct quotes in parenthesis. Here is the official course in review as posted on the PRI website by Louise Kelley.

Hope you enjoy!

Day 1

Behavior = Movement

The position you are in dictates your breathing and movement patterns.

Behavior is movement. Some people are cranky when they do too much or too little. Our lives influence how we move.

You don’t have a diaphragm, you have two of them. We’re going house a diaphragm to take you out of an overused diaphragmatic state. The right diaphragm does most of the work.

A lot of people can’t get the left diaphragm to function properly. They need to get out of a twisted state to help it function better.

#ronbomb “I know you know that, but I’m not sure you know that”.

To respect breathing you must have 2 diaphragms.

Exchange of gases & gravity effect movement of the body.

Flow = How you move in and out of your body with gas.

The diaphragm = The intersection of life.

Humans need inhibition on one side and facilitation on the other.

#ronbomb – “We want to balance bias knowing you cannot. A biased position allows us to move. Its when they take over that problems occur”.

We need to inhibit the Left Anterior Interior Chain in order to rotate. This course is about how to expand the right Brachial Chain.

The right diaphragm puts us in Left AIC and Right BC pattern, one half of the gait cycle, we need two phases of the gait cycle. The diaphragm influences the gait cycle. We need to get back to our left side.

L-AIC & R-BC – Looser

R-AIC & L-BC – Tighter

Our right psoas is good at imitating our left obliques. The right posts is the sagittal flexor of your leg. It’s hard to say what muscle is doing unless it is being opposed.

Traumatic events are now everyday events. This puts us in right stance and extension.

Your best hamstring is your left diaphragm.

The probability of someone having differing leg lengths is 0.02%.

Accessory Muscle Respiration will show up as someone having no neck in a supine position.


It’s great for kids to read but also good for them to know where their feet are and move to get accustomed to ground based activities.

Most people possess Right Thoracic curves and Left Lumbar curves.

Belly Breathers – Back extensors over used. Most have other ways to breathe. This pushes things forward.

A chest that can’t expand is pulled in = sunken chest, closely linked to Paradoxical breathing. Paradoxical breathers  have no thoracic opposition, the bas flatten out. They need two sides of ribs and diaphragms.

Cervical issues need to be addressed at the thoracic region first.

Mouth breathers are more susceptible to infection as they do not have the benefit of breathing in through the nose which purifies the air you breathe via nitric oxide.

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Day 2

Four Important Muscles involved in rotation:

  1. Triangular Sternum
  2. Low Trap & Tricep
  3. Serratus Anterior —> Ribs
  4. Internal Oblique’s & Transverse Abdominal’s

Flat Back Syndrome features: Ribs too elevated on the front and T8 is the location of the dome of the diaphragm. Extension = Compression. Extension leads to shift of spine. Changes cannot occur without re-regulation of airflow. Improper breathing and flat back syndrome commonly comes with Chronic Fatigue, Dizziness after standing up and Pott’s Syndrome.

Hip flexors won’t shut off if you don’t shut off back extensors. Get the Zone of Apposition through Opposition on that side. Get IO’s & TA’s on the left. For all the hip flexor problems out there, go after IOTA’s on the left and give the ribcage opposition in order to help hip flexors shut off.

#ronbomb – “How about I show you how to keep stretching out of your life”

“Look at his salad bowl” – Sunken chest that needs chest expansion via the diaphragm.

Get ZOA on left side by keeping ribcage down on the left and this also gives expansion on the right.

Optimal BC – Ribs can expand

Sub Optimal BC – Ribs can’t expand, back is flat, neck holds the person up. Use the triangular sternum to decrease pressure/get air out.

Lats are diaphragm killers. Air flow will shut off lats.

Low Trap and Tricep put scapula into upward rotation and show you how to move to get IOTA’s on the left that allow you to breathe.

Low Back Pain will never decrease unless that person learns how to find IOTA’s.

All 4 position may not be conducive for scoliosis patients.

Right collar-bone pulls on the first rib of cage. Its rib responsible for movement of the cage.

#ronbomb – “The body is a matrix of asymmetry to help you live when you’re not protected”

In order to relax a neck, take out right IOTA’s and get ZOA on the left. The R-BC pec major becomes your left IOTA’s. They attach to sternum and also pull ribs into external rotation. No abs to oppose this.

The serratus is the reaching muscle on the right, usually the pec takes over and serratus is not developed.

Combine Left ZOA and Right Mediastinum to change how people breathe. The Apical extension test will tell you if you need posterior mediastinum and the left due to a right BC issue.

#ronbomb – “People don’t think they need your hep unit they know they need your help”.

T4 Syndrome = Scap pops off ribcage in upper shoulder. Body is looking for a place to put shoulder blade.

Right trap and tricep allow rotation in gait cycle instead of back extensors doing the job of hip flexors.

Take Home Message

What you do with in state of inhalation and exhalation with two ribs and two diaphragms will help you get out of a pattern====> Inhibit & Facilitate

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