Episode 009: Nutrition Part 2 featuring Dr. Lindsay Tanskey, Bonnie Chang and Eirinn Carroll


In episode nine of “The Pillars of Health” Jonathan is joined on the phone by Dr. Lindsay Tanksey from North Carolina State University, clinical social worker Bonnie Chang and strength coach Eirinn Carroll to discuss nutrition from many different angles. Thanks to my two dogs Mickey and Remington for providing an entertaining soundtrack to this episode. Some of the topics discussed under the banner of nutrition include:

  • Calories and calorie counting
  • Nutritionally dense versus calorie dense food
  • What role does protein play in a healthy diet?
  • Is protein essential after a workout?
  • Why you need more fruit and veg in your diet
  • What foods help you stay fuller, longer?
  • The process of changing your nutritional habits
  • Emotional eating and impulsive eating
  • How to carry out non judgmental reflection when it comes to food
  • New Years resolutions and some things to consider
  • Making new habits and enjoying the plan

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