Episode 017: Creating a Growth Mindset featuring Derek Christeler

episode 017 cover

In episode seventeen Jonathan is joined by his colleague from The Training Room, Derek Christeler. Derek is one of the nicest guys you’ll ever come across, he always wears a huge smile on his face and his enthusiasm for everything he takes on in life is contagious. Derek is an accomplished StrongFirst Level II instructor with a wealth of coaching experience to draw upon. During the course of the interview Derek and Jonathan discuss the following topics:

  • Dereks favorite historical figure
  • Background and how Derek first got into coaching
  • Why you need to be open to criticism
  • How to grow as an individual and a coach
  • Learning from the people around you
  • The importance of family
  • People Derek admires personally and professionally


“Every great coach listens more than they talk” – Derek Christeler


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