Episode 020: Criminal Justice Reform & Cancer Research with Miriam Ruttenberg and Pete Kraft

In an attempt to share some of the remarkable stories from the people Jon  currently coaches or has coached in the past, he has started a series called “Extraordinary People”. First up in the series are Miriam Ruttenberg and Peter Kraft, two people Jon has had the pleasure of coaching on a weekly basis for three years now. Over the course of his time as their strength coach Jon has learned so much about them and the worlds within which they operate. To see people actively trying to make positive change in the world is a story that needs to be told. Not only are they trying to help out other people but they are also husband and wife. Talk about a power couple!

Miriam is an attorney at the Mental Health Legal Advisors Committee in Boston. Currently, the MHLAC is trying to get a bill passed to stop non violent incidents in school ending in arrests, which ultimately supplies the school to prison pipeline. Miriam was recently interviewed by WCVB about the bill and why it needs attention from the general public. [please see show notes for the link to that interview]

Pete, a PhD in Epidemiology, currently works at the Harvard School of Public Health. With the help of his team at Harvard, they have recently uncovered more clues when it comes to the genetic causes of breast cancer. CNN recently spoke to Pete about this research and what it means for women when it comes to early detection of breast cancer. Pete also talks about screening frequency as well as behavioral changes to help reduce an individuals risk of breast cancer.

Mental Health Legal Advisors Committee

Bill H.328 & S.876 – “An Act Decriminalizing Non-Violent and Verbal Student Misconduct” 

WCVB article: Arrested development: schools turning to police to discipline students

CNN article: Breast cancer genetics revealed: 72 new mutations discovered in global study

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