Episode 026: How to Stop Complaining & Improve Your Mindset featuring Cianna Stewart


Cianna Stewart is the author of “No Complaints: How to Stop Sabotaging Your Own Joy” and todays guest on the podcast. The book offers a fantastic foundation to help anyone create moments of self realization and take charge of your current outlook on life. This can lead to more awareness and self development towards a better version of yourself as complaining usually leads down a very negative path. This negative route can have a knock on effect in all aspects of your life. Cianna discusses the strategies she implements to disrupt a complaining mindset and offers solutions to use to combat any lapses.

The topics discussed on the podcast include:

  • What is complaining?
  • The stages of breaking out of a pattern of complaining
  • Micro-complaints
  • How complaining negatively impacts your health
  • Patterns and emotions associated with being in a complaining cycle
  • How to interrupt the complaining cycle
  • The NoCo system
  • Common triggers related to complaining relapses
  • Social media and the “Comparison Culture”
  • Using your body to help improve your mood
  • Mindfulness of tiny moments
  • Building resiliency when it comes to complaining

Show Notes:

“No Complaints: How to Stop Sabotaging Your Own Joy” on Amazon

The No Complaints Website: www.gonoco.com

Facebook: The No Complaining Project

Social Media

Cianna Stewart on Twitter: @cianna

E-mail the show: thepillarsofhealthpod@gmail.com

The Pillars of Health on Instagram: @thepillars_of_health_pod

The Pillars of Health on Facebook: @thepillarsofhealthpod

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