Episode 028: 10 Ways to Save Money featuring Eirinn Carroll

Money can be a source of extreme stress for a lot of people. Debt can snowball and create negative knock on effects when it comes to managing the four pillars of health. With financial debt hitting record highs in the USA according to NBC, the issue is not going away and solutions need to be found. Eirinn and Jon go into detail on ten ways they have been able to save money over the years that has allowed them to be stress free when it comes to finances while also enjoying life at the same time. The guys discuss the following topics.

  • Cutting the cord
  • Chasing iPhones
  • Buying a car (or Donk)
  • The cost of living
  • Side jobs
  • Health care
  • Eating healthy
  • Travel savers
  • Investing
  • Marketplaces to sell on

Show Notes

“America’s debt load is hitting record and risky territory” from NBC 

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