Episode 045: Surviving Hurricane Maria featuring Yamil Suarez

Yamil Suarez is the Associate Director of Library Systems and Web Development at the Berklee College of Music in Boston. Yamil has trained with Jon for just over 7 years and they have previously collaborated on a book Jon wrote detailing soccer scholarships. In this podcast Yamil goes through the experience of having family living in Puerto Rico while hurricane Maria hit the island, getting in contact with his family after the disaster, public reaction to government help, living conditions for the people in Puerto Rico as well as the challenges faced in the recovery stage. Yamil also describes what it was like visiting his homeland for the first time after Maria.

Show Notes

Donate to help Marta’s hospital in Puerto Rico. Clink link below, then scroll down to “Donate”

Puerto Rico Pediatric Hospital Foundation

Yamil and Jon’s book collaboration: “How to Earn and Keep a Soccer Scholarship”

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