Episode 046: IT Band Pain, Lactic Acid & Sit Ups for Back Pain featuring Alex Tanskey

Alex Tanskey is an integrative strength and performance coach based in Raleigh, North Carolina. The topics in this episode touch on some common “fitness myths” that we hear as coaches and would like to set the record straight. Some talking points that came up between Alex and Jon include.

  • The importance of the pelvis
  • The Obers Test
  • Can the IT band be stretched?
  • Resets for the win
  • The importance of hamstrings
  • Do you hamstrings need to be stretched?
  • Why your obliques are important
  • Why would you breathe with a balloon?
  • Lactic acid and fatigue
  • Why sit ups are not worth it

Show Notes

The Obers Test video 

Study: Can the IT band be stretched?

Study: 5 Habit Changes for a Longer Life

The Oblique Plank video

Article: The Myth of IT Band Pain

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