Episode 047: What’s a Good Stretch, Why Does My Heart Run High & What Else Should I Do? featuring Alex Tanskey and Chris Mullins

The guys tackle some of the more common questions they field in their day to day coaching. What stretch do you recommend? My heart rate just runs high and what else should I do when I’m not working with my coach? Jon is joined by fellow integrative strength coaches Alex Tanskey and Chris Mullins to help him break down some of the questions that continually pop up in conversations with trainees. Some points of note from this episode include.

  • Laxity in a joint
  • Pelvic position and why it matters
  • Stretching both hamstrings and quads
  • Joint capsule range motion
  • Heart rate indicates how hard you are working to complete a task
  • Resting heart rate
  • Heart rate recovery
  • Dynamic energy control
  • Controlling heart rate through breathing
  • Aerobic work for a better life
  • Why walking and hiking are great forms of conditioning
  • Using conditioning to aid your recovery

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