Episode 048: Why Success Should Not Be Based on Fat Loss featuring Alex Tanskey

Is fat loss the marker by which you measure success in the gym? If so, Alex and Jon go over why that needs to change and what else you can focus on instead. Building healthy habits, training to lead a longer life and learning that the long game is the goal are just some points discussed in this episode. Other topics include:

  • “The Leaky Ceiling” analogy for using exercise for weight loss
  • Strength has a greater purpose
  • Leg & grip strength in relation to life expectancy
  • Looking at other strategies apart from fat or weight loss
  • Build the right habits
  • Why you shouldn’t follow instagram celebrity workouts
  • The difference between working out and training
  • Are you getting better or just sweating a lot?
  • Why we need to view exercise as a way to increase our life expectancy
  • Structuring your conditioning days
  • Why high intensity is not a long term plan
  • Shifting your mindset when it comes to fat loss


Show Notes

Leg Strength Study:

“Leg Strength Predicts Mortality in Men But Not in Women With Peripheral Arterial Disease”

Grip strength Study:

“Association of Grip Strength With Risk of All-Cause Mortality, Cardiovascular Diseases, and Cancer in Community-Dwelling Populations: A Meta-analysis of Prospective Cohort Studies”.

The Constrained Model of Energy Expenditure that Joel Jamieson referenced:

“Increases in Physical Activity Result in Diminishing Increments in Daily Energy Expenditure in Mice”.

The Tabata study:

“Effects of moderate-intensity endurance and high-intensity intermittent training on anaerobic capacity and VO2max”.

Article: “Why the High Intensity Mindset has Failed Us All” by Joel Jamieson


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