Episode 055: 10 Sleep Tips featuring Eirinn Carroll

Adequate sleep is necessary for physical renewal, hormonal regulation and growth. Sleep is also the number one natural performance enhancer available. Studies have shown that not getting enough sleep can lead to some pretty adverse health conditions. In this episode, Eirinn and Jon detail why sleep is important, the phases of sleep and what happens during each phase of sleep. Other topics discussed include.

  • What happens when we don’t get enough sleep
  • Beta amyloid and Alzheimer’s disease
  • Sleep and the cardiovascular system
  • Sleep and the effects on the brain
  • 10 Sleep rules

Studies and Articles Referenced

Matthew Walker article in The Independent: “What Happens to Your Body and Brian when You Don’t Get Enough Sleep” by Noah Friedman and Lamar Salter

HBR article: “Why Sleep is So Important” by Anne Field

Sleep.org article: “The Ideal Temperature for Sleep”

Philips “Sunrise Simulation” Alarm Clock on Amazon:

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