Episode 063: A Deeper Understanding of Sleep, the Brain & Sleep Issues featuring Stephanie Romiszewski

Stephanie Romiszewski is a sleep physiologist at the Sleepyhead Clinic in Devon, England. With a background in behavioral sleep medicine and psychology, Stephanie also assisted with sleep research at Harvard Medical School.  Since then she has gone on to work in NHS sleep centers diagnosing and treating sleep disorders as well as seeing clients at her clinic. Stephanie is currently taking applicants for her sleep course and you can find a link below to sign up.

In this episode Stephanie and Jon discuss the following:

  • The importance of light in your sleep routine
  • Stephanie’s personal experience with insomnia
  • How her experience with insomnia shaped her treatment of clients
  • The importance of language when it comes to sleep
  • The role of the brain in sleep and sleep habits
  • Sustainability when it comes to sleep habits
  • Scaremongering about sleep
  • Shift work recommendations
  • Tracking sleep
  • Sleep hygiene

Website & Social Media Links

Sleepyhead Clinic website: www.sleepyheadclinic.co.uk

Twitter: @sleepyclinic

Instagram: @stephsleepyhead

Facebook: facebook.com/Sleepyheadclinic

Sign up for Stephanie’s Sleep Course here: http://www.sleepyheadclinic.co.uk/apply

The Pillars of Health on Instagram: @thepillars_of_health_pod

The Pillars of Health on Facebook: @thepillarsofhealthpod


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