Episode 083: Identifying and Dealing with Autoimmune Disease and an Eating Disorder featuring Paige Kinsella

Paige Kinsella is a health coach in training and the creator the blog ImperfectPaige.com. She shares her physical, emotional, and spiritual healing journey after years of coping with an eating disorder, autoimmune disease, chronic people pleasing, and codependency… to name a few. She believes these issues are very real for many people, and the scariest thing about them is that they are often invisible to the outside world. In this episode, Paige details her experiences with hashimoto’s, functional integrative medicine and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) amount other things.

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Paige Kinsella on Instagram: @imperfectpaige

Paige’s website: www.imperfectpaige.com

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