Episode 085: How to Build Awareness to Achieve More in 4 Key Areas featuring Dominique Mas

Dominique Mas is a Transformational Coach for High Achievers such as entrepreneurs, leaders, and all around formidable human beings. Dominique currently lives in Brooklyn, New York but she is originally from France and has also lived and worked in seven different countries. Dominique holds a Masters in Educational Leadership, has also trained as a brain based coach with the NeuroLeadership Institute and is certified through them. She has worked in educational leadership for 15 years with a focus on high achieving students and teachers. In this episode Dominique discusses the following topics:

  • What characteristics makes up a High Achiever?
  • Creating boundaries & outlining your non-negotiables
  • “If it’s not a HARD YES, it’s a HARD NO”
  • Building an Awareness Routine
  • Work and Life Balance, is there such a thing?
  • Book recommendations for Life, Slowing Down, Confidence & Personal Productivity
  • Addressing the Four Energies and How to Achieve More by addressing each one individually

Dominique’s website: dominiquemas.com

Dominique on LinkedIn

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