Episode 093: Functional Medicine, Sugar & Growth Hormone featuring Dr. David Waldman

Dr. David Waldman is a natural healer certified in The Wahls Protocol. He blends functional medicine, exercise and nutrition in order to help his patients find lasting solutions naturally. In 2005 Dr. Waldman experienced bouts of lower back and leg stiffness which drastically effected his ability to walk or run. This was followed by tingling in his hands and double vision. Soon after this, his doctor referred him to a neurologist as he feared Multiple Sclerosis might be at play. After taking action himself through non traditional methods, Dr. Waldman found the Wahls Protocol. This in turn put him in contact with a supportive community and an exchange of ideas and experiences that have helped Dr. Waldman improve his day to day experience while living with MS. This led to the creation of The Healthy Detour which Dr. Waldman set up so he can educate and help more people as to how functional medicine can positively impact their health compared to a traditional western medicine approach. Topics discussed on the podcast include:

  • What is multiple sclerosis?
  • Functional medicine versus western medicine
  • Cholesterol & vitamin D
  • Sugar & sugar substitutes
  • Insulin and growth hormone
  • The food pyramid
  • Diabetes & dementia
  • Dairy & osteoporosis

Show Notes

Milk & Osteoporosis Study

E-Book: 7 Tips to Sleep Great & Wake Up Happy

Book: “You are the Placebo”

Book: “The Wahls Protocol”

Ted Talk: Mind Your Mitochondria

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