Episode 095: Rhabdo & Supplements 101 featuring Joe Cannon

Joe Cannon has an MS in Exercise Science and a BS degree in Biology and Chemistry. Joe is a strength coach and coaches other trainers as well as writing books on many topics including rhabdomyolysis, supplements, personal training and nutrition. In this episode Joe and Jon discuss rhadbo in depth and a best practice guide when it comes to supplements.

  • Rhabdo, what exactly is it?
  • The different type of rhabdo
  • DOMS versus Rhabdo
  • Rhabdo symptoms
  • Genetics and their role in rhabdo
  • Common rhabdo myths
  • Supplement overview
  • Science versus Advertising claims
  • Supplement brand recommendations
  • Watchful consumerism

Show Notes

Joe’s website: joe-cannon.com

Joe’s Supplement website: supplementclarity.com

Joe Cannon on Instagram: @joecannonms

Supplement Book: Nutritional Supplements: What Works & Why

Rhabdo Book: Rhabdo: The Scary Side of Exercise You Need To Know About

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