Episode 096: “I’m Trying to Get Skinny” featuring Eirinn Carroll

Eirinn Carroll is an integrative strength coach at The Movement Lab in Raleigh, North Carolina. The main topic of this episode is based around strength training and some of the false narratives that come up especially when it comes to women and strength training. Talking points include:

  • Strength training & women
  • Weight loss versus fat loss
  • Chasing numbers on a scale
  • Creating goals based on your wants not what you feel you need to be to satisfy others
  • You can not out train a bad diet
  • The discovery of true strength training
  • The High Intensity Mindset
  • Body neutrality
  • The company you keep

Show Notes

Phil Mickelson weight loss article

Precision Nutrition: All About Fat Loss

Precision Nutrition: All About Strength Training

Precision Nutrition: The Cost of Getting Lean

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