Episode 101: How Digestion Optimization Transforms Metabolism & Muscle Growth with Wade Lightheart

Wade Lightheart is the president of BiOptimizers, a digestive health supplement company that aims to transform people’s relationship with their digestive health. In this episode Wade discusses the role of enzymes and probiotics in digestive health as well as the following topics:

  • The role of digestion
  • Digestion and depression
  • The importance of enzymes and probiotics
  • The cumulative effect of relationships
  • Digestive lessons
  • 3 steps to fixing digestive health
  • Wade’s vegan experience
  • Supplements and where to start
  • The AWESOME health philosophy
  • Technology & Health

Show Notes


http://bioptimizers.com/Pillars – Free sign up link to the AWESOME HEALTH COURSE ($297 value). In this 12 week program, you will discover how to achieve AWESOME health and double your energy with natural, fully tested and scientific strategies.

https://www.facebook.com/BiOptimizers/ – BiOptimizers Facebook Page

Book: Homo Desus by Yuval Noah Harari

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