Episode 102: Sleep: What You Need to Know with Nick Lambe

Nick Lambe is a sleep coach who has experience in areas such as massage therapy and strength training and as a health coach. Nick uses his background to put together the best healthcare solution for his clients when it comes to sleep. In this episode he discusses a host of sleep related topics such as explaining what happens in the body while you sleep to also delving into his system and how he helps people gain access to better sleep through his pillars approach. Other topics discussed include:

  • What happens during sleep
  • Why you may need a sleep coach
  • Recommended sleep per night
  • Quality and quantity of sleep
  • Sleep & shift workers
  • Tips for shift workers
  • Sleep & technology
  • Sleep apps

Nicks website: onlinesleepcoach.com

Nick on Instagram: @theonlinesleepcoach

Show Notes

Book: Why We Sleep by Dr. Matthew Walker

Nicks Online Sleep Course

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