Thank You Grandad

  Today would have been Johnny Carroll's ninty-fifth birthday. He passed away on Tuesday July 17th, 2018 at he age of 94. On Sunday July 15th I took the last flight out of Boston to fly to Ireland and see him for what I hoped wasn't the last time. On my return to Boston on... Continue Reading →

What Happened to Strong & Tough?

You're strong but are you tough? What do the words, strong and tough mean to you? Feats of strength are posted all over social media, but the toughness aspect has slowly faded away from modern culture. A pet peeve of mine is how "soft" we have become as a society. ┬áSome of the following can... Continue Reading →

The Week in Review

A few of the main things that caught my eye last week include a letter from Josh Gordon, sleep and how it affects sport performance, "Undefeated", Marshawn Lynch and the barrage of racial abuse Richard Sherman receives for being an outspoken black athlete. 1. The Josh Gordon Letter If you're unfamiliar with Josh Gordon then... Continue Reading →

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