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Free Summer Conditioning Plan for the Collegiate Soccer Athlete


Here is the updated version of “Primed & Ready. An all in one conditioning guide for the collegiate field sport athlete. Initially designed for soccer players this can be adapted to any sport similar to soccer that needs a solid aerobic system, repeat sprint ability and explosiveness.

Click on this link below to download.

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Are you Stressed Out?

stress therapy and management helps in relaxation reduce tension

A Tribe Called Quest put it best in their song “Stressed Out” with the lyrics, “I really know how it feels to be stressed out, stressed out”. We all know that feeling. Traffic is crazy or someone does something to set you off and before you know it your heart is racing, your breathing becomes short and rapid and your mind is racing. This is not a something we want to repeat over a lengthy time period. Unfortunately a lot of the population walk around everyday in a state of “fight or flight”. Their stress response has become a conditioned state of everyday normality. Short term is fine, a conditioned chronic use of your stress response is where you may be in deep trouble. Continue reading

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Press Reset, Improve your Overhead Position

Over the last two to three months I have been working on improving my overhead position. Shoulder mobility and the ability to press overhead or feel comfortable while doing so is closely connected to the thoracic spine and ribcage position. Poor movement in the thoracic spine will only mean poor movement at the shoulder position. If lost, it’s important to try to gain back some of that ability to reach overhead while having your ribs, diaphragm and hips stay as close to “neutral” as possible without being in extension.  So how do we shift back to neutral? We need a reset. Continue reading


1 Key Eating Rule Not Just for the Holidays


One of the four books I have on rotation right now is “Eat, Move, Sleep” by Tom Rath. Without getting too deep into the overall story, which I’ll visit later down the road in another post, Rath brings up a simple and effective rule to keep in mind over the holiday period. Its all about “Net Gains”. Continue reading

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Part 3 – The TGU


In the final installment of “Design a Better Warm Up” we will take  a look at the Turkish Get Up.  This may be one of the most unique and complex movements in your skill set and if you have not made it a regular part of your movement/work outs, go about making strides to do so. I enlisted the help of my Training Room colleague Derek Christeler to demo for me. He even got a new haircut for his video debut so prepare to be impressed!  Continue reading


Tweets in Review



This week I cam across a great flow chart on the Toe Touch, exercises for desk jockeys, adding Rotation into a program to deal with SI Joint Pain and a knowledge bomb from Kyle Holland. Continue reading


What’s your Favorite Retro Football Jersey?


What are some of the best retro football jerseys you remember? I recently came across an old jersey I wore playing U-16 football in Ireland (pictured below). That got me thinking back to some of my favorite football jerseys that were around back in the eighties, nineties and early 2000’s. My personal favorites include Liverpool’s home and away jerseys from 1988-1990, Shelbourne’s old home jersey and the Euro “88 Holland jersey are some standouts. Another standout in my opinion was the Arsenal jersey from 1992. Some other notables are pictured below. Continue reading

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Liverpool 3-2 Man City – Fortune Favors the Brave

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By Jonathan Carroll

Sundays win over Manchester City could prove to be crucial in deciding where the title ends up. It was a game that had everything. A rampaging Liverpool team that ripped City apart for the first twenty five minutes. A comeback from the visitors that rocked the home team and truly tested their spirit and character and an amazing winner from a little Brazilian magician. It was an appropriate way to honor the ninety-six lives lost at Hillsborough. A tragedy that will be twenty-five years old on Tuesday April 15th.

Continue reading

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Liverpool 2-1 Sunderland – Reds March On

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By Jonathan Carroll

Brendan Rodgers watched his side scrape a deserved win over lowly Sunderland on Wednesday evening. The win was fully deserved but the reds made it difficult for themselves by inviting pressure late on. A stunning Steven Gerrard free-kick in the first half and a John Barnes-esque curler from Daniel Sturridge made it 2-0 early in the second half. Ki Sung pulled one back for Sunderland who threatened late on through Adam Johnson but John O’Shea failed to direct his header on target.


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Man United 0-3 Liverpool – Rodgers Can Make Reds Reign Again

By Jonathan Carroll
Realistic expectations for this current Liverpool squad were a top four finish at the start of the season. Some television pundits thought even that was a bridge too far. There have been many questions arising over the course of the season in relation to how Liverpool would fare. Brendan Rodgers has without question, been learning on the job (see Southampton at home). What is clear however is that he has a philosophy and an adaptability with a squad of players whom he had no hand in purchasing. His coaching ability is there for all to see and this Liverpool team are gaining momentum at just the right time. Continue reading
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Fulham 2-3 Liverpool – “We Are Not Title Contenders”

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By Jonathan Carroll


Brendan Rodgers post match interview with Martin Tyler on Wednesday night included a reference from Tyler that Steven Gerrard’s winning penalty and the resulting celebration was one of possible title contenders. Rodgers didn’t agree with Tyler but instead wisely opted with the route “we’ve got to keep pushing”. While no direct acceptance was made in relation to Liverpool being contenders, a direct “We are not title contenders” would be a better approach. This Liverpool squad is young. Title run in experience is lacking. Rodgers needs to let the squad focus on playing without pressure so he can instill that belief that they can win the title behind closed doors but publicly alleviate pressure. Continue reading

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140 Better New Years Resolutions


Still struggling for New Years resolutions? Dave Asprey details why only 8% of resolutions are successful and also lists 140 you could potentially use as your own in his article:

“Why 92% of New Year’s Resolutions Already Failed, and 140 Better Ones”.


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The FDA: A Pharmaceutical Company’s Dream

The use of antibiotics in animals is a much debated issue that was brought up last week as the FDA made a recommendation to reduce antibiotic use. Apart from the recommendation, the FDA will do little else to protect the public from sick animal meat or even improve the living conditions of animals living in each others feces. As Mark Bittman sums it up in his article “The F.D.A’s Not-Really-Such-Good-News” in the New York Times, “This recommendation involves voluntarily giving up making money in the interest of public safety. Who does that in the United States? No one.”

The FDA doesn’t do much of anything. In fact they are so tied up with big pharma that they even give jobs to people who used to work with big pharma companies. Hunter Lewis sums up the working relationship the best in his book “Crony Capitalism in America”.

“The drug industry at one time was called the patent medicine industry. This is still the more revealing name. Drug companies devote themselves to inventing non-natural molecules for use in medicine. Why non-natural? Because molecules previously occurring in nature cannot, as a rule, be patented. It is essential to develop a patentable medicine; only a medicine protected by a government patent can hope to recoup the enormous cost of taking a new drug through the government’s approval process”.

“Getting a new drug through the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is not just expensive ($1 billion on average). It also requires having the right people on your side. Drug companies know that they must hire former FDA employees to assist with the process. They also hire leading experts as consultants, some of the same experts who may be called on by the FDA to serve on its screening panels. Direct payments must also be made to support the FDA’s budget. All these financial ties encourage a “wink and a nod” relationship between researchers working for drug companies and regulators, who are often the same people, thanks to the revolving door”.

The FDA are a government agency that on paper should protect consumers but the reality is they do anything but. Thats where personal education on food production comes into play. Know where your food comes from and where possible buy local.



Animal Abuse Prompts DiGiorno to Cut Ties

Animal Abuse on Wisconsin farm

The Associated Press reported that frozen pizza maker DiGiorno and their cheese supplier cut ties with a Wisconsin dairy farm after it was found out employees were beating, whipping and kicking cows on the farm.

The Associated Press reports that top-selling frozen pizza brand DiGiorno and its cheese supplier cut ties with a Wisconsin dairy farm Tuesday after an animal rights group released undercover video showing workers beating, kicking, stabbing and whipping sick and injured cows.

Wiese Brothers Farm owner Mark Wiese told The Associated Press that he fired two employees and assigned another to duties that don’t involve handling animals after seeing the video. Wiese, who owns the 5,000-cow farm in Greenleaf with his brother, said he was not aware of the abuse until late last month.

“My brother and I and our families are just very, very shook up about the whole incident,” he said Tuesday. “And we’re just going to continue to complete our investigation and make sure changes are made if needed and make our business stronger and better.”

The farm sold its milk to Foremost Farms. Foremost supplies cheese to DiGiorno, which is owned by Nestle USA. Nestle said in a statement that it had asked Foremost Farms not to send it cheese made from Wiese Brothers Farm milk. Foremost Farms said it had stopped buying from Wiese Brothers on Monday.

Wiese Brothers also faces an investigation by the local sheriff’s department. A captain there said he couldn’t comment on the details.

An activist with Mercy For Animals shot the video while working on the farm in October and November, said Matt Rice, the group’s director of investigations. Clips show cows that can’t stand being dragged with ropes and heavy equipment or lifted with clamps. Workers whip, kick and stab other cows to get them moving. One animal bleeds from cuts in its side; another bleeds from its rear.

Since 2012, the 5,000-cow farm has required employees who handle animals to review and sign its humane treatment policy as part of the hiring process. Typically, that would be about seven of the farm’s 45 dairy workers, Wiese said. The farm also provides training for workers who are caring for sick animals.

Since seeing the video, the farm has taken additional steps to ensure proper treatment, including calling a supervisor to oversee care when an animal goes down and designating three workers as specialists in caring for cows too sick or injured to stand.

Wiese, a second-generation dairy farmer, said he’s not sure what led to the abuse.

“I can’t put myself in their state of mind at the time of these incidents and everything like that, and that’s all stuff that’s going to have to come out as we continue to investigate,” he said. However, he added: “It touched a nerve with everyone in the dairy.”

Ari Solomon, a spokesman for Mercy For Animals, said while the farm might present the abuse as the actions of a couple of employees, his group has seen similar violence at five other dairy and veal farms where it has done investigations since 2009.

“The best thing people can do to stop abuse on dairy farms is not eat dairy,” said Solomon, whose group advocates a vegan diet.

Short of that, he called on Nestle to adopt an animal welfare policy that would specifically bar such actions as dragging cattle that can’t walk, hitting and kicking animals and using electric-shock devices. Nestle has an animal welfare policy that recognizes animals’ right to be free from fear, distress, pain and injury, among other things.

“We will not knowingly work with companies that violate” that policy, spokeswoman Deborah Cross said.

Chris Booth, a veterinarian whose practice focuses on dairy animals, said sick cows should be helped to their feet using straps or gentle rocking. If they can’t stand, a sled or mat can be used to move them to a soft surface, such as sand and straw, while they recover.

Using hooks to lift cows in the air and hitting or kicking a cow to get it moving isn’t defensible, said Booth, the president of the Wisconsin Veterinary Medical Association.

Foremost Farms, a cooperative owned by the 1,800 farms in seven states that supply it, had an independent auditor visit the farm soon after it learned of the allegations.

“While they noted a few areas for improvement, their overall analysis indicated our animals are clean, well cared for and treated appropriately by employees,” the farm said a statement.

Joan Behr, a spokeswoman for Foremost Farms, said she generally agreed with that but said the company still had to take action.

The video “certainly has an impact on consumer confidence in dairy handling practices,” she said. “We need to show these activities are not something we condone.”

Wiese said the farm is working on finding a new buyer for its milk.