Vacationing is the great unifier. You’d be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn’t enjoy some time to themselves to do whatever they want, and even the act of vacationing can rejuvenate you and allow you the opportunity to get closer to the people you love.   With that said, vacations can also lead to unhealthy... Continue Reading →

As much as marketing campaigns and the media want us to believe that fat loss is achievable with their latest supplement, a hew hype fitness food or some random exercise technique (all my shake weight crew say heyyyyyy). Fat loss is not a simple phenomenon, there are many levels as to what goes into allowing... Continue Reading →

The 4 Pillars of Health: Live Your Best Life

When I'm asked, "Whats the best thing to do for ________ ". The last word of that question usually falls into one of four categories. These four categories are what I like to call the "Pillars of Health". People come to the Training Room in order to improve themselves and that doesn't stop at learning... Continue Reading →

Selfcare: Walk the Talk

In today's world we are able to call upon the google machine to help us research any and everything. The answer to almost every question is out there. If well sourced, you can find all the information you crave. Well, almost every question has been answered. There is one that still evades us....."What is Colin... Continue Reading →

The A, B, C, D’S of Nutrition

Depending on what article you read or who you listen to, nutrition can get complicated, quick! We face nutrition dilemmas with every food choice we make. There can be a lot of ups and downs on the journey to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. First of all lets define what is healthy food? In the spirit... Continue Reading →

Training Room Client Social

The Training Room is having a Client Social and we hope to see you there! Food, Football and socializing are the order of the day. When: Saturday, September 19th, 6-10pm Where: Training Room 2, 373 Washington St, Somerville. What: Food and Drink tickets can be purchased on line under "Workshops & 1 Day Events". The... Continue Reading →

How To: Sweet Potato Wedges

How To: Green Power Smoothie

Following on from Eirinn's "Eat Well, Live Well" monthly newsletter, we have added a video library of quick and easy recipe's for shakes, snacks and treats etc that Eirinn uses regularly. Look for more video's under the tab "Eirinn's Food Solutions" on Recipe: - 1 cup of greens - 1 banana - 1/4 cup... Continue Reading →

Best Productivity Supplements

Our most precious resource is time. Just like Bradley Cooper found out in "Limitless", it is non-replenishable and we always wish we had more as we continually need to be more productive. In order to get the most out your available time, it may be necessary to use a cognitive enhancer, productivity supplement or whatever... Continue Reading →

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