5 Food Rules to Follow

  In order to stay on top of your goals, whatever they may be, nutrition plays a key role. When it comes to food, we all need guidelines and here are 5 practical rules to embrace right now. Everybody says they "eat well" and that they don't need help in that area but it's usually... Continue Reading →

The Personal Paleo Code – A How To

Whats the number one goal for everyone? To perform optimally, right? It could be in daily life or sports performance. The Personal Paleo Code approach has enabled me to get back to feeling optimal and my workouts and sports performance have improved also. The PPC encourages a 30 day reset. This reset approach is encouraged... Continue Reading →

Eat Well, Live Well – Stay Committed to your Goals

Food Rules for the Holidays

How to Beat Hypothyroidism…………and your Doctor!

Hypothyroidism is a condition the American Hypothyroidism Association estimates affects up to 20 million Americans with up to 60% of people unaware of their condition. The process of finding out what is affecting you and how to go about fixing the situation usually develops into a long journey. As you battle the symptoms, you even... Continue Reading →

Drink Soda? Aspartame Side Effects


Eat Well, Live Well: Get Cookin’

  In this months "Eat Well, Live Well" nutrition newsletter, Eirinn Dougherty outlines why its important to prepare meals at home and she also examines how to take in everything your body needs to function at an optimal level. There is also a quick and easy recipe for delicious taco bowls!      

Recipe for Profee

  After some mini experiments in the kitchen I came across a mixture of the following makes a great coffee and protein mix (Profee - subject to patent pending*) to give your normal coffee or even a Bulletproof coffee some extra taste. Add in a blender: - 1 tablespoon of Hemp Force Mocha Protein powder... Continue Reading →

Foods That Cause Inflammation

  An article from Mens Health by Paige Fowler that highlights foods that cause inflammation. 5 Foods That Lead to Inflammation¬†

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