Episode 026: How to Stop Complaining & Improve Your Mindset featuring Cianna Stewart


Cianna Stewart is the author of “No Complaints: How to Stop Sabotaging Your Own Joy” and todays guest on the podcast. The book offers a fantastic foundation to help anyone create moments of self realization and take charge of your current outlook on life. This can lead to more awareness and self development towards a better version of yourself as complaining usually leads down a very negative path. This negative route can have a knock on effect in all aspects of your life. Cianna discusses the strategies she implements to disrupt a complaining mindset and offers solutions to use to combat any lapses.

The topics discussed on the podcast include:

  • What is complaining?
  • The stages of breaking out of a pattern of complaining
  • Micro-complaints
  • How complaining negatively impacts your health
  • Patterns and emotions associated with being in a complaining cycle
  • How to interrupt the complaining cycle
  • The NoCo system
  • Common triggers related to complaining relapses
  • Social media and the “Comparison Culture”
  • Using your body to help improve your mood
  • Mindfulness of tiny moments
  • Building resiliency when it comes to complaining

Show Notes:

“No Complaints: How to Stop Sabotaging Your Own Joy” on Amazon

The No Complaints Website: www.gonoco.com

Facebook: The No Complaining Project

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Episode 025: Understanding the Deadlift featuring Alex Tanskey

Deadlifts, what are they good for? We address that question as well as many others on this episode of the pillars of health. Alex Tanskey joins Jon to discuss deadlifts, what they are exactly, why you should learn proper technique and the benefits of including them in your training program. Other talking points include:


  • What exactly is a hip hinge?
  • What is the point of a deadlift?
  • Why should I include deadlifts in my training?
  • Why the deadlift needs a time investment
  • Perfecting your deadlift before the kettlebell swing
  • 2 tips to improve your deadlift

Show Notes

Article: “Two Quick Ways to Transform Your Deadlift” by Alex Tanskey

Video Link: “How to Hip Hinge”


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Episode 024: Streamlining Healthcare, Overcoming Adversity & Managing the Four Pillars featuring Brendon Rearick

How to improve the current healthcare model, overcoming a life threatening illness and managing the four pillars of health are among the topics Jon discusses with Brendon Rearick on this episode. Brendon is a San Francisco based strength coach who owns Movement as Medicine with Kevin Carr. He is also part of Certified Functional Strength Coach and has also worked at Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning in Boston. Brendon has recently taken on an exciting new role with a company called Crossover to streamline the healthcare model in the United States. Other topics discussed in this episode include:

  • The front end health care approach
  • Creating an enjoyable coaching environment
  • Brendon’s training philosophy
  • The stress scale and why you need to score low
  • Why client education is critical
  • Starting a business
  • Overcoming adversity and dealing with aplastic anemia
  • Managing the four pillars

Episode Notes:

Kevin Carr: “The Number One Prescribed Medicine in the World”

Precision Nutrition: The Cost of Getting Lean


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E-mail Brendon: brendon@rearickstrength.com

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Episode 023: Training the Armed Forces, UFC Fighters and Managing the Four Pillars featuring Kyle Holland

Kyle Holland is a Performance Specialist with EXOS and is currently embedded within a special operations unit. As a strength coach to the entire unit Kyle oversees the readiness of many within the armed forces. Kyle talks to Jon about interning at the University of Iowa, training UFC fighters like Joel Lauzon as well as tactical athletes like those in the armed forces. Other topics include:

  • Why the basics are important when it comes to strength training
  • Why more isn’t always the answer
  • Programming regeneration days for UFC fighters
  • Floyd Mayweather v Conor McGregor – was conditioning the reason McGregor lost?
  • Intermittent fasting
  • How Kyle manages
    • Stress
    • Sleep
    • Exercise
    • Nutrition
  • Putting things in perspective
  • Creating buy in with tactical athletes

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Episode 022: A Day in the Life of a Strength Coach Couple with Eirinn Carroll

Eirinn and Jon go into their current daily schedule as strength coaches and also working alongside each other as husband and wife. They also go into why getting the balance between work and home life is important. Most strength coaches work a split shift, mornings and evenings so this leaves a gap in the middle of the day. This is when coaches get their own training in, run errands and everything in between. Some of the topics discussed in todays episode include:

  • What is a split shift?
  • What time do we get up at?
  • The evolution of Jon’s alarm clock
  • What a normal daily work schedule consists of
  • Working together as husband and wife
  • Creating balance between work and home life
  • When do we eat breakfast and lunch?
  • When do coaches train?
  • Our schedule starting out as coaches
  • What is our ideal schedule?
  • The pro’s and con’s of our profession
  • What would we change if we had the chance?
  • Biggest lessons learned over the years?


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Episode 021: Developing Athleticism, Incorporating Physical Therapy & Breathing featuring Joe Young

episode 021 cover

Joe Young is the owner of Young Performance which is located in Lowell, Massachusetts. Joe joins Jon on the podcast to discuss developing middle school, high school and collegiate athletes. The guys also dive into the developing role of physical therapy in a gym setting and how Joe has also introduced guided breathing exercises as a staple in his youth and adult programs. Here is a synopsis of the topics the guys get into.

  • Owning and running your own gym
  • Developing athletes of all ages
  • Creating a positive culture in gym
  • Creating buy in with athletes parents
  • Assessment techniques utilized at Young Performance
  • Bridging the gap between training and physical therapy
  • Integrating physical therapy and PRI together as one in the training setting

Young Performance Website

Joe Young on Instagram

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Episode 020: Extraordinary People [Criminal Justice Reform & Cancer Research] featuring Miriam Ruttenberg and Peter Kraft

episode 020 cover

In an attempt to share some of the remarkable stories from the people Jon  currently coaches or has coached in the past, he has started a series called “Extraordinary People”. First up in the series are Miriam Ruttenberg and Peter Kraft, two people Jon has had the pleasure of coaching on a weekly basis for three years now. Over the course of his time as their strength coach Jon has learned so much about them and the worlds within which they operate. To see people actively trying to make positive change in the world is a story that needs to be told. Not only are they trying to help out other people but they are also husband and wife. Talk about a power couple!

Miriam is an attorney at the Mental Health Legal Advisors Committee in Boston. Currently, the MHLAC is trying to get a bill passed to stop non violent incidents in school ending in arrests, which ultimately supplies the school to prison pipeline. Miriam was recently interviewed by WCVB about the bill and why it needs attention from the general public. [please see show notes for the link to that interview]

Pete, a PhD in Epidemiology, currently works at the Harvard School of Public Health. With the help of his team at Harvard, they have recently uncovered more clues when it comes to the genetic causes of breast cancer. CNN recently spoke to Pete about this research and what it means for women when it comes to early detection of breast cancer. Pete also talks about screening frequency as well as behavioral changes to help reduce an individuals risk of breast cancer.

Mental Health Legal Advisors Committee

Bill H.328 & S.876 – “An Act Decriminalizing Non-Violent and Verbal Student Misconduct” 

WCVB article: Arrested development: schools turning to police to discipline students

CNN article: Breast cancer genetics revealed: 72 new mutations discovered in global study

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