Are You Training or Trending?

Since I moved from Boston to Raleigh and opened up my own gym I have realized there is a crossroads when it comes to selling training. A lot of people want what is sexy and social media does a great job of this. There are many trends such as "build your booty programs" and "high intensity everything" as well as "random acts of fitness" thrown together because of the gram! What isn't sexy though is just plain old "good training".

Improve Your Deadlift Set Up

The hip hinge is a skill everyone needs to learn and master. From deadlifts to kettle bell swings, the hinge is a go to movement in the gym and our everyday lives. Down through the years while working with general population and athletes sprinkled in for good measure, I have seen people struggle to find... Continue Reading →

5 Skills You Need to Master

  Our philosophy at The Training Room is one of self empowerment. We aim to provide our clients with the knowledge and tools to lead a strong, healthy and active lifestyle. Training at the TR is a process that combines movement education with practical skill acquisition. We believe that everyone who walks through our doors... Continue Reading →

5 Ways to Develop Power

Whether its walking up a flight of stairs or jumping for a rebound in a pick up basketball game, we all need power to some degree. Seeing as I'm reading "Can You Go" by Dan John at the moment I thought this quote was appropriate, "Every time we use a technological advancement we pay a... Continue Reading →

Superhuman Planks

Dean Somerset recently weighed in with his opinion on what a plank should be and when they should be used. Superhuman Planks - Dean Somerset

Articles of the Week

  Over the course of the week there is a lot of reading ┬áto catch up on. The inter web provides some great new ideas and also opens the way for discussion on many different hot topics. One that caught my eye was the discussion over knees out in the squat. Both Tony Gentilcore and... Continue Reading →

Is Fitness an Issue for Liverpool FC?

By Jonathan Carroll Are the current Liverpool squad lacking a physical edge? In every game this season Brendan Rodgers' men have fallen off the pace quite drastically in the second half of each game. Jonathan Carroll examines what may be behind the apparent lack of match prepardness. Recently Raymond Verheijen tweeted "Liverpool has clearly faded... Continue Reading →

Ultimate Hamstring Movement from Ben Bruno

Try this single leg Romanian deadlift regression with clients or even work it into your own program. Created and explained by @benbruno1 on T-Nation.  

Conditioning Without Running

Mark Rippetoe recently posted an interesting article on the misconception that you can only become conditioned through running miles. In his article "Conditioning is a Sham" Mark goes into detail on how strength is relative to certain lines of work and also that novice trainees need to plan their conditioning sparingly.

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