Client Testimonials

Josh Choice

The benefits I got from training with Coach Carroll are really too many to count. After training with him I went into preseason in probably the best shape ever and I was very confident about my fitness level. Coach Carroll put me through a progressive strength and conditioning program. The weightlifting was both cardio and strengthening all together. He would always push me to give everything I had left in everything we did. And another thing I liked was you did all the running and the lifting with me. He would never let me quit or give up. He saw a lot of potential in me and made sure I worked hard every training session to get better. I will never forget a quote he told our team once, “Hard work beats talent if talent doesn’t work hard.” That quote has a strong message and he would always make sure the team and myself worked hard each and everyday on and off the field.

Coach Carroll is a big part of who I am today and why I’m playing Division 1 soccer today. In the offseason he would always train me and help me get better as a player, stronger and faster. He always treated me as one of his own and not only helped me become a better athlete but also a better man. And even till this day he constantly check up on me. He has watched ny games online and continues to coach me on my performance and when I was injured he even sent me some workouts to do to help me recover. Coach Carroll is a great motivator, a great friend and coach. After every workout I felt like I accomplished something and got better in the process. I’m truly blessed and honored to have trained with such a man as Coach Carroll and look forward to many more training sessions in the future.

Yamil Suarez

“I have been extremely happy with working with Jonathan. He uses an excellent mix of extensive knowledge about proper ways to exercise based on my goals and pre-existing injuries, as well as great suggestions for ways to approach my diet during training. I also appreciate his friendly yet professional demeanor, and his organization of clients’ training data”.

Maha Ashour

“Jonathan is everything you want a trainer to be: tough on you, but very motivating. The workouts are never boring or repetitive. He challenges me to push myself very hard and take on workouts that would have been too daunting otherwise, but remains very supportive throughout. Above all, working out with him is A LOT of fun and I’ve benefited a lot from his knowledge and expertise.”



In the past 6 months I have begun my long journey to leading a healthier life.  Jonathan has provided me with a framework to build muscle and cardio strength as well as nutritional awareness.  From customizing my workouts based on whatever injuries that occurred, to providing me with alternative workout options with a demanding work schedule, he has managed to help me progress on my path to wellness.

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