Episode 067: The Importance of Novel Training in a Program featuring Chris Mullins

Chris Mullins is an integrative strength coach and in this episode he discusses novel training and why it is important to include in your strength training program. Topics discussed include:

  • Distinguishing between “consistent” and “rigid”
  • How to incorporate novel training without disrupting your progress
  • What is the value of novel training?
  • How much variety is too much?
  • Identifying habits we don’t even know we have
  • Where to include novel movements in your training program?

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Episode 066: Your Holiday Mindset & Small Business Expansion Lessons featuring Jay Weedall

Jay Weedall, co-owner of Ethos Fitness and Performance in Boston joins Jon for a holiday edition of the podcast. Jay goes over his advice for the holidays when it comes to training and eating and it is all geared towards shaping your mindset. In the second part of the interview Jay discusses the challenges of expanding as a gym owner and the lessons he has learned through the process.

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Episode 065: Happiness & Why Moderation is Overrated featuring Dr. Anna Akbari

Dr. Anna Akbari is a sociologist,writer, speaker and innovation consultant. She is a former professor in the department of Media, Culture, and Communication and the Visual Culture MA program at New York University, as well as Parsons The New School for Design. Anna’s area of research focuses on visual and virtual presentation, technology and human intersects, and happiness and well-being. She is also a very highly regarded guest on Jude Angelini’s “All Out Show” on Shade 45 on Sirius XM radio.

In this episode Anna discusses her book “Startup Your Life: Hustle & Hack Your Way to Happiness” as well as karaoke, the return of the flip phone as well as the following topics:

Book: Startup Your Life: Hustle & Hack Your Way to Happiness

Anna’s website: annaakbari.com

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Episode 064: Energy Systems & The Heart featuring Alex Tanskey

Following on from episode sixty-two, this time Jon and Alex delve into the different types of energy systems in the body and the role of the heart in improving conditioning. Other topics discussed include:

  • Pre-workout supplements
  • The types of energy systems
  • Benefits of aerobic and glycolytic training
  • What is stroke volume 
  • Why is stroke volume important when it comes to conditioning?
  • What is concentric and eccentric hypertrophy of the heart?
  • What exactly does cardiac output mean?
  • Different training options when it comes to cardiac output
  • The drawback of doing too much high intensity conditioning

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Episode 063: A Deeper Understanding of Sleep, the Brain & Sleep Issues featuring Stephanie Romiszewski

Stephanie Romiszewski is a sleep physiologist at the Sleepyhead Clinic in Devon, England. With a background in behavioral sleep medicine and psychology, Stephanie also assisted with sleep research at Harvard Medical School.  Since then she has gone on to work in NHS sleep centers diagnosing and treating sleep disorders as well as seeing clients at her clinic. Stephanie is currently taking applicants for her sleep course and you can find a link below to sign up.

In this episode Stephanie and Jon discuss the following:

  • The importance of light in your sleep routine
  • Stephanie’s personal experience with insomnia
  • How her experience with insomnia shaped her treatment of clients
  • The importance of language when it comes to sleep
  • The role of the brain in sleep and sleep habits
  • Sustainability when it comes to sleep habits
  • Scaremongering about sleep
  • Shift work recommendations
  • Tracking sleep
  • Sleep hygiene

Website & Social Media Links

Sleepyhead Clinic website: www.sleepyheadclinic.co.uk

Twitter: @sleepyclinic

Instagram: @stephsleepyhead

Facebook: facebook.com/Sleepyheadclinic

Sign up for Stephanie’s Sleep Course here: http://www.sleepyheadclinic.co.uk/apply

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Episode 062: Benefits of Conditioning & Key Markers featuring Alex Tanskey

What are the health benefits of different types of conditioning? Also, what are some key markers that we can look to as accurate indicators of general health when it comes to your heart? Alex and Jon team up to discuss the reasons behind different types of conditioning they prescribe in their client programs and what markers they look to for deeper insight.

Show Notes

Study: ”Lack of Exercise is a Major Cause of Chronic Diseases”

Study: ”Does Physical Activity Increase Life Expectancy?”

Tweet: “Top 10 Prescribed Medications versus Exercise”

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Episode 061: 15 Books You Should Read featuring Brendon Rearick

Brendon Rearick drops in to discuss fifteen standout books he has read and or listened to over the last year. Brendon is a strength coach in the San Francisco area who works with clients on a daily basis. He also helps coach other coaches through the Certified Functional Strength Coach program with Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning. Brendon is also co-owner of Movement as Medicine with fellow strength coach Kevin Carr. In this episode of the Pillars of Health, Brendon categorizes the books he has read into the following areas.

Book Links

Leadership & Business

Dare to Lead by Brene Brown

5 Dysfunctions of a Team by Patrick Lencioni

Radical Candor by Kim Scott

Creating Magic by Lee Cockerell

Never Split the Difference by Chris Voss & Tahl Raz

Boss Life by Paul Downs

Deep Work by Cal Newport

Coaching & Training

How to Talk so Kids Will Listen & Listen So Kids Will Talk by Adele Faber and Elaine Mazlish

SparkGo Wild by John J. Ratey

Back Mechanic by Dr. Stuart McGill

Fun/Thought Provoking

Homo Deus by Yuval Noah Harari

Shoe Dog by Phil Knight

The Rational Optimist by Matt Ridley

Conspiracy by Ryan Holiday

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Episode 060: Navigating Pregnancy Nutrition featuring Dr. Lindsay Tanskey

Eirinn took over the podcast for this weeks episode and managed to snag Dr. Lindsay Tanskey right before her due date to discuss how she has been navigating nutrition while she is pregnant. In this episode Eirinn and Lindsay discuss the following:

  • The most unexpected part of pregnancy
  • Lindsay’s nutritional philosophy
  • How pregnancy has affected Lindsay’s nutritional approach
  • Supplements and vitamins to consider when pregnant
  • Foods to avoid while pregnant
  • Heartburn and foods that trigger it
  • A migraine remedy
  • Approaching the mindset of eating for two
  • Tips for expecting moms

Intro music created and produced by DJ Rugged One

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