“The Four Pillars of Health” podcast is live in the iTunes store,and the Blubrry website.

This podcast came about as a way to continue to educate people looking to make a change in order to live their best lives when it comes to exercise, nutrition, sleep and stress management. Too often we get caught up in our “busy schedules” and subconsciously decide to ignore one or more of the four pillars of health. I hope you find the content valuable and something that can help you live your best life.

The Four Pillars include:

1. Stress Management
2. Sleep
3. Nutrition
4. Exercise

In order to be the best version of yourself, these four areas need attention. The podcast allows me to get across ideas and ways I have found successful in creating positive habits in order to feel my best and live my best life. With the help of my wife Eirinn, other coaches and guests I hope you will be able to take away some methods and ways to improve your four pillars.