Episode 074: The Story of a Scholarship Athlete featuring Josh Choice

Josh Choice is a soccer player with the New South West Queensland Thunder in Australia. In this episode Josh recounts what it took in order to gain a soccer scholarship to Winthrop University out of high school and the challenges that he faced as a student athlete as well as his advice for people who may be considering pursuing a scholarship in any sport.

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Tweets in Review

crackhead FNL

I am not ashamed to admit that I am addicted to “Friday Night Lights”. Its a show you are unsure whether you should admit to watching unless someone else brings it up. I was adventurous enough to ask a client of mine this past week whether she watched the show. Thankfully she did. It’s just so good. Is it really? Probably not but I’m addicted to it. Are you sure there is no more episodes……….seriously??? Continue reading “Tweets in Review”

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